Oh Six!

I love what I do. I truly do. Not only do I get to be creative and make pretty things every single day, but I get to do it with my best friend. Of course we have our slow days were the myriad of trash reality TV has us hooked and we opt to do some menial task in front of the TV, just so we can see if Heidi and Spencer really are as crazy as they look. Then there are days, very long days, spent glued to 5 sewing machines, and the only thing that gets us through is some classic Motown and each other, giggling at how ridiculously delirious we are having only slept a handful of hours that week. Now this is not some sappy post gushing about how Six and I are BFF’s, because well I hate that kind of thing and I’m not trying to create this idealistic picture of how here, “at Sanoii + Six HQ everything is peachy keen”, because lets face it nothing is ever peachy keen and we are so far from perfect its not funny. We have our moments and we do clash, which is good because we are different and that’s what makes us work. But I thought I would write this post because friends like Six are hard to come by and on Friday she made my day. She surprised me with a piece of art I have been pining after for months, yet due to my unfortunate lack of funds was unable to acquire myself.  To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. This piece of work was featured on a blog we did only a couple of months ago, a hand drawn picture of Bob Dylan by a good friend of Six’s, Zoran Nova. This kid is crazy talented and after Six’s persuasive ways he eventually decided to part with it.

Six is an UH-MAZING friend, not only because she buys me sweet, sweet gifts, but because she is heaps rad, dresses like a kook, always keeps me laughing, gets my weird sense of humour and is a freak just like me! So yes, this post is me sweating Six cos she is ace! Hears to you wingman!

Old School c2007.
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